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How to promote your high school sports team on a budget


A high school sports team is a whole other ball game from a business or a professional sports team. However, some of the aims are still the same. You need to get the word out about the team and also get support or sponsorships, where possible. The difference is, the education system does not have the high budgets other teams may have access to for this purpose.

You have to make do with a very limited budget, but still need to get results. However, there’s no need to worry. There are many budget-friendly ways you can promote your high school sports team. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Put up posters

The first thing you need to do is get some posters ready to highlight your high school sports team. These posters should contain the essentials like the school’s name, a link to a game schedule, any links to social media pages or websites, and a few details about your team.

Avoid creating a cluttered design, and make your sports posters using the templates on PosterMyWall. This will save you the time and money it would take to get someone to make this from scratch. You can even have students customize these templates and have the school vote on the best design to share online and print out for key areas in town.

Share flyers around town

A high school team is often a source of pride for a town. Encourage this pride by letting people and businesses know about your team and give them opportunities to support it. Make a flyer with all the relevant details about your team and also add a section which lets people know what they can do to support it.

This can include sponsorship options, raffle tickets, instructions for attending games, and much more. Talk to a few popular local shops or cafes people frequent, and have your flyers and posters placed there as well for more exposure.

Improve social media presence

Your social media presence matters a lot. So, update all the social media pages of your sports team, and make sure someone regularly updates them. Share information about your players, upcoming games, and other activities on these pages.

In addition, interact with the online community by offering behind-the-scenes looks into your team, and also showcasing your sport.

Reach out to local media

While your high school sports team may not have the budget to get paid spots on TV, you can reach out to local media channels. Most towns have a number of small local online, TV, and radio channels.

Reach out to them and have them highlight your high school sports team. Have them talk about their achievements, and promote your team to their audiences. The audience for these channels is often very loyal to their community, so they are more likely to respond to this promotion.

Host events and fundraisers

Events and fundraisers are a staple when it comes to high school sports teams. These help your athletes get recognition, and also help your school raise funds for equipment, supplies, and transport for your team. If these things have already been included in your budget, then you can host your event for another good cause.

Popular event ideas include bake sales, car washes, and others. You can also hold an exhibition match to showcase your team’s skills. Invite as many people as possible to these events using social media and the school’s parent network. You can even involve the parent-teacher association at your high school for this purpose.

Turn your athletes into mentors

When it comes to high school sports, they can play a crucial role in your players’ lives. They can determine college admissions and set athlete’s careers on their paths. So, promote your players by having them participate in various volunteer and mentoring programs.

They can go to elementary and middle schools in the area, and train and inspire younger players. You can also partner with local community centers and charities to offer your team’s time up for activities like staffing a soup kitchen or giving company to residents at the local elderly care home.

Send out monthly email newsletters

An essential part of marketing your high school sports team is to make your audience updated about what is going on. So, send out monthly email newsletters with their achievements and any upcoming matches. In addition, use these newsletters to highlight one key person every month and motivate them as well.

Use a simple online email tool to make these newsletters and choose a simple template. Your school probably has these templates and tools on offer, so get in touch with the relevant department for this purpose. Use the school’s email list to send out these newsletters, so that you cover as many people as possible. You can also add other members from local businesses and other sports fans who show interest in your team’s games.

In conclusion, you don’t need a huge budget to promote your high school sports teams. There’s a lot you can do on the local and online level to spread the word and get the attention the team deserves.