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How to know if your job is well paid and how much is a good salary


  • The average Spanish salary is 24,009.12 Euros per year. However, to get to the top 10%, it is almost necessary to double that amount.
  • This figure is dependent on many factors including the location of your home and the sexual activity of your worker. The richest 10% in Extremadura make 34,991.67 euros per year, while the Madrid residents earn more than 50,000.

You can see in any salary report that your salary is not just dependent on your position. There is a question in ur mind what is considered a good salary how we know that read the full article. There are many factors that can affect the price of a salary. Not only does it depend on the company or hierarchy, but also on the nationality and the hours worked, and even the community in which they live.

For general purposes, the rule states that one worker in the Community of Madrid makes on average about 20,000 euros per year more than one working in Extremadura. These salary xrays, published each year by National Institute of Statistics , reveal a portrait with most citizens likely not feeling identified. However, they serve to define, at minimum, the differences between workers in different autonomous communities and different sectors.

The logical thing to do is to change the percentages that are eligible to be enrolled in the remuneration ladder if the salaries vary according to where they are located. According to the most recent data, the average gross salary for a Spaniard in this instance is 24,009.12 euro per year (26.738.19 euros for men, and 21,011.89 for women), but this figure almost doubles when it exceeds the threshold for 10% of the wealthiest: 43,382.16 Euros on average across the State

These salaries are not indicative of anything, as earning more than 43,000 euros per year isn’t a sign of anything. We have already said that salaries are more than a fixed amount. They also depend on the gender of the worker and where they work. The highest salaries are for the Basque Country and Community of Madrid. There, a bonus salary is required to reach the top 10%. The average salary in Extremadura and the Canary Islands is much lower so it will drop.

Similar results can be seen for differences in sex. It is a rule of thumb that the wage gap between sexes is smaller the lower a community is paid. They earn more in each community, but the distance between them increases from 1,100 euros in Extremadura (the lowest wage per worker) to nearly 12,000 in Asturias (fifth highest salaries). It is easier to get into the top 10% of the income range if you are charging less. For more information you can visit there https://lowearnings.com/salary/what-is-a-good-salary/

Here’s a list of what you should earn to be a member of the 10% richest autonomous communities (also based on your sex).

You will wonder if your salary is good or how you can make more money, regardless of whether you are an employee or employer. Our service will help you determine if your job is well-paid.

We all have questions about how to make more money. Being well-paid doesn’t have to be about how many zeros you have on your payroll. We want to discuss the key factors that define a good salary. This includes everything from the emotional income you enter into your accounts.

We will see the same vision from both the employer’s and employee’s perspective. We are not in favor of doing any work for a huge sum of money, nor are we willing to allow people to do more work at a lower salary. No matter what position you’re in, the negotiation must be fair and honest.