Book Arbitrage is a great way to earn money online and starting a business on Amazon. In the world where people are moving towards eBooks, it’s surprising to know that paperbacks still have a huge demand. Well, one thing is true, nothing can ever replace how the old books work just like a charm. But, people prefer buying books online because of their ease and convenience. The book is delivered right to the doorstep and any book they want is available on Amazon.

Book Arbitrage basically works on Amazon FBA and the orders are ‘Fulfilled By Amazon’, thus making a better opportunity for profits. With the support of Amazon FBA, it is very easy to generate at least 30 to 40 dollars of profit on every book sale. A seller can buy books from Amazon and sell it on Amazon FBA; all a person needs to do is follow a few steps. Once followed, it’s going to be very easy to convert it into a long-term business and upsell books. Check them down below.

How Book Arbitrage Works

There are a few steps that work like magic and boost book arbitrage business. These steps are:

●      Searching Books from a Huge Database:

There are various Software such as eFlip that have a huge database and provide various options to sell from. At times various sellers sell books on the basis of a particular niche, but it’s totally up to a person’s choice whether they want a niche or not. After finding the book, they need to do a few things more. Many people are satisfied with their services & you can check eFlip review & testimonials anywhere on the web.

●      Checking Historic Rank and Sales Data:

A seller then needs to check the book’s ‘Success Rate’ and find out whether the book has a good record or not. It is always better to check the past 12-month’s ranking and then finalizing the book, as that information is the most crucial one. If the record is good, go for further steps, and if not, then it’s better to leave it!

●      Calculate the desired profit margin:

After taking out the base price, Amazon FBA Fee, and a Shipping fee to the warehouse, it’s time to decide the profit margin for the book. If the book has good demand, one can keep a good profit margin, and if not, then a mediocre margin would also do really well.

●      List the product on Amazon FBA:

After everything is done, listing the product on Amazon FBA is the last step. But this isn’t it, make sure to keep a good amount of stock since you may never know how great the demand would be. If Amazon would be showing unavailable for a long time, then it’ll not create a good brand image. Always be aware of the same!

Why Book Arbitrage?

There are various stories that prove how incredibly book-selling has worked for them. People have also earned huge profits of around $87,000 a month. With the right practice, knowledge, and tools, there’s no one stopping from profits. A good software’s support will also work very well and help in earning even better. It won’t necessarily make a person ‘extremely rich’, but it’s hard to deny that the selling move won’t get great outcomes. Let’s take an example that a person buys a book for 10 dollars, and look at the great demand of it in the market, they can list it after including the different types of fee and keep the price around 50 dollars, it’ll sell! Why would someone pay nearly 40 dollars more? Well, it’s because of the ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ badge.

Which Software to choose for Book Arbitrage?

There are a few software present in the market, and all of them have their own set of pros and cons, but the best one we’ve come across is eFlip& Zen Arbitrage. Both are a completely Web-based tool that has a huge database and includes around 21 million books, which is nearly 7x more than other platforms. It has an FBA Automator which automatically calculates the profit margin and keeps it in front of the user. Its historical sales data on books is also a hundred percent accurate and there’s no way it can go wrong. It also has its own marketplace where people can list up their books in bulk. It is run by real Amazon Sellers, including the founder Peter Valley. With Laser Precise search options, it can’t miss even a single book’s data. At $97 Dollars a month, a person can definitely earn way more than the investment. A great Software in terms of book arbitrage.


Many people feel like various sellers are selling the same book, then how will they earn, but the truth is, no matter how many sellers are selling the same book on FBA, all of them will earn in some or the other way. The competition might seem vast, but it’s the practicality and smartness that helps a person in succeeding. Printed books are never going to die and their craze will always be the same. Selling these on FBA is the best decision a person can ever make because of the great profits and ease in the business.