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How High is your Click Speed?


In a world that’s almost entirely been taken over by computing, with almost everyone on the planet needing to interface with computers at least occasionally, there’s a lot of clicking going on these days. From the desk bound 9 to 5 worker to the pro gamer, everyone is clicking away for one reason or the other. It’s become such a normal part of our day to day lives that most of us don’t even consciously notice it anymore.

What You Should Know About Your Click Speed ?

Like all other integral parts of human life, clicking has its own metrics for measuring proficiency. In this case, it’s click speed, measured in clicks per second. This everyday activity has been logged and improved by some, so much so that there’s an official world record for it (it’s 14.1 clicks per second by the way). But what’s the use? Does it really matter how quickly, and by extension, how well you can perform such a basic action? The answer may surprise you.

Having a high click speed is useful in almost all applications of computer use. From gaming to graphic design to even editorial work, there is at least some benefit to anyone that uses a computer in improving their click speed. And even beyond the realm of just computing, there are benefits to doing so anyway.

One such boon is the increase in dexterity with one’s fingers that this exercise can bestow on you. This can be useful in many other activities, like playing an instrument or operating machinery. Furthermore, training this skill can increase your hand- eye coordination as a by-product. This confers even more benefits that apply in a wider range of activities. If you happen to be a gaming enthusiast, then improving your click speed is a must to improve your overall game, especially in FPS games, or in other genres that feature QTEs (quick time events).

Another interesting thing about click speed is that it allows for an avenue to train your mind and develop a sense of accomplishment by utilizing a feasible goal and easily accessible training to realize that goal. By training and tracking your click speed, you can condition yourself for even harder challenges.


If knowing and training your click speed interests you, then cps test is a valuable resource that’ll help you increase your click speed and keep track of your progress as well.