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Globy's Offer: A Place Where B2B Suppliers Can Sell Consumer Electronics


It can be said without exaggeration that consumer electronics are so popular that it is impossible to arrange an apartment or office space without them. As a result, these products are widely represented on the world market and are in good demand. The turnover of electronics is growing every year, so suppliers are looking for more profitable sales points in the real world and in the virtual space.

There are many brands offering different equipment and functionality of devices, so the choice of electronics cannot be called simple. B2B platforms, where you can place your product to find customers, have appeared on the internet in abundance. There, you can find a profitable lot and purchase electronics for further resale.

One such market is Globy, which will be described below. It is worth paying attention to the fact that consumer electronics require special conditions for storage and transportation. These nuances should be taken into account when concluding a transaction. Upon receipt of the goods, not only the integrity but also the operability of the devices must be checked.

Application of Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics are devices used to send or receive information. For instance, these are smartphones, TVs, and laptops.It is clear that phones and computers are needed not only at home but also in offices. It is not enough to buy a computer once and for all, as electronic devices quickly become outdated and require constant updating.

Retail sales are growing, and therefore the wholesale market is also growing. It is profitable to trade consumer electronics since you can always find the same functionality at a reduced price. The buyer pays attention not only to the brand but also to the capabilities of the device. Thus, customers are increasingly turning to the Asian segment, where high-quality and cheap electronics are sold.

Globy Market and Its Advantages

Globy gathered tens of thousands of suppliers and customers and offered them to make profitable deals without commission. It is enough to register on the website and accept the terms of the platform. To become a participant, you need to be a representative of some company since the B2B model implies the interaction of business entities.

The buyer can not only order a wholesale batch of consumer electronics but also check ocean shipping rates on the website. You can do this using the Quick Logistics tool on the Globy website. You also have an opportunity to sell the unclaimed cargo at a low price. To date, the following advantages of Globy are:

  • A large selection of consumer electronics;
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Tool for rate calculation;
  • Easy navigation on the website.

Each supplier fills out a questionnaire during registration, where they indicate information about the company. That means you can check the legality of the organization with which you are going to make a deal. You should trust only reliable suppliers to get high-quality electronics at an affordable price. It is not necessary to agree with the initial cost, you can discuss the nuances and ask for a price reduction.

The buyer does not need to pay a commission. In the catalog on the B2B market, you can find not only electronics but also other household appliances and other electronics. You can view the product cards in the catalog and contact the supplier to check the availability of certain devices. You should be sure to check the certificates before ordering consumer electronics.


It can be concluded that consumer electronics now refers to essential goods, which is why there is such a high demand. It is best to order consumer electronics in bulk using the Globy B2B platform, which offers a wide range of modern devices from current brands. Buyers should note that Asia produces high-quality electronics at a reduced price. Each B2B supplier must ensure that the conditions for safe consumer electronics transportation are met.