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Donaldson Sackey buys Stake in Bline Africa


The fastest growing service Startup 

Donaldson Sackey who runs several businesses across the globe and also known as the CEO of the fintech company “Timeless Capital Technology” acquired a stake in Bline Africa. The Founder & CEO Lucien Okouagbe did not disclose the terms of the deal but he was very happy about the deal and his new shareholder Donaldson Sackey.

The Benin based company is taking speed to become the fastest growing service Startup in Africa. Founded by Lucien Okouagbe and his Co-founders Martin Renaud and Salim Abdulrahman Idd.

They are a platform offering modern solutions and holistic services to not only meet people’s demands or needs, but provide them with unmatched convenience. With their Service User App, they intend to connect consumers to professionals and experts from various fields in Africa.

Bline is an African based freelancing platform which connects African services and enterprises with local Africans and diasporans alike. The platform is designed to facilitate instant access of various skills across Benin, Togo, Ghana and many other countries with ease. With their initiative, they want to fight all the adversities one day at a time. Right from unemployment to the lack of infrastructure, from stagnant businesses to promoting sustainability, and create a movement.

We have already started the negotiations in February 2021. One might often think that a young company like Bline Africa would be easy to convince, but it took five months to reach an agreement. I was of course not the only one who wanted to buy shares in the company, but the chemistry between us was right. We are both from Togo. We both have the vision to build infrastructure and create jobs in Africa. We are looking forward to our future together. We are planning to integrate the Timeless Capital Coin as a payment method for the Bline Africa app. I see a great future ahead of us — Donaldson Sackey

Contact Information:

Donaldson Sackey

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