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Cryptocurrency has become a legitimate form of investment. But does this mean it’s better than stocks? 


The world of investments has developed exponentially in the past decade, where investors have access to more opportunities than ever to generate income or grow their portfolios. Bonds, commodities, real estate, or fixed deposits were common investments that most people could access, but they became less exciting when Forex trading or cryptocurrencies became popular. 

One of the most interesting investments now is Bitcoin, the first crypto asset that Satoshi Nakamoto created to offer people the possibility of saving money without government management. The digital asset grew so much that it’s comparable to gold. If we analyze the Bitcoin price prediction 2025, we can see how its value increases considerably, being in a bullish trend. 

However, despite the popularity of cryptocurrencies, some investors are not convinced of their safety and stability as they’re relatively new on the market. So, what’s best between stocks and cryptocurrencies?

Stock market chart on virtual screen with woman's hand digital remix

Stocks offer a reliable income stream 

Stocks have been with us for a long time, representing a part of a company that individuals can own. Shares are part of stocks that offer customers a part of the businesses’ assets. Both can be found on stock exchanges and are provided in regard to governmental regulations that protect investors. 

Stocks are tied to a company’s performance, so many invest in renowned brands whose reputations have lasted for years and will continue. On the other hand, some braver investors target smaller companies with huge potential that could bring them more income in the future and exposure to financial opportunities. 

The market is highly regulated as maturity is well-established, so there aren’t many risks involving stock investments. Although they can also fluctuate based on the business cycle, prices are not dramatically swinging. 

Cryptocurrencies ensure exposure to the future 

The first cryptocurrency appeared on the market in 2009, when the anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto wanted to develop a decentralized financial system for the world. Since then, many other different cryptocurrencies have appeared on the market, as creating such an asset can be done in multiple ways. 

Cryptocurrencies are based on cryptography and driven by demand and supply trends, which makes them so volatile. Various factors like media exposure and interest from celebrities affect prices, exposing investors to drastic changes in their approaches. Therefore, regulations vary globally, with countries that have banned these digital assets and others that have made Bitcoin legal tender, like El Salvador. 

However, the technology behind cryptocurrencies and blockchains could considerably change our world in a positive way. For example, blockchain can make our systems more secure, decentralized, and transparent, which would solve the problem of data theft. 

Reasons to trade stocks vs cryptocurrencies 

Now that we’ve briefly discussed both assets let’s look at some of the reasons why you would choose to trade them. Remember that each has various risks and negative sides, but you can mitigate them with the right mindset. 

When it comes to stocks, you should trade them because:

  • They pay out dividends and offer investors an additional income;
  • They’re regulated, so they protect investors;
  • They’re part of an established market with tangible assets and revenues;

On the other hand, invest in cryptocurrencies for:

  • Unlimited trading hours on the markets;
  • Potentials high returns compared to traditional asset class;
  • Innovative tools and diversified crypto projects;

Will cryptocurrency become fully regulated?

Many investors consider cryptocurrencies to be the investment of the future considering its inclination for development. However, given its uncertain state in terms of regulatory compliance, it’s difficult to say if even Bitcoin will become regulated in the near future since it poses various concerns from worldwide governments. 

Bitcoin is a legal tender in El Salvador at the moment and has been approached by other countries with similar purposes. Still, introducing it into a country’s economy requires strength and willingness to make mistakes in order for cryptocurrencies to be indeed adopted. 

On the other hand, many governments are taking important steps towards the adoption of Bitcoin and its blockchain technology. In contrast, others are only interested in blockchains from Ethereum or Solana since they provide a multitude of solutions for data safety. 

Will stocks still be relevant in the future? 

We’re sure that stocks are safe, which is why the majority of investors leverage them best and only put a part of their budget in cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, some fear that stocks and bonds will become invaluable at some point in the future because more efficient alternatives might appear.

Forecasting what will happen to stocks in the future is close to impossible, and while they can become obsolete if not taken advantage of adequately, we can say they will stay on the market for a while. Stocks are much easier to understand compared to cryptocurrencies, which are still learned about even by professionals. 

So, what’s the best option?

Choosing between stocks and cryptocurrencies seems challenging, but what if you created a portfolio that blends both investments? Having more stocks in your inventory would make the safety net you need as an investor and a continuous income through which you can experiment with new crypto projects. 

Ideally, it would be best to invest predominantly in Bitcoin and Ethereum since they’re the biggest cryptocurrencies out there and are the safest compared to altcoins and other types of tokens. Still, if you’re into riskier projects, you could learn more about upcoming projects and become part of their development on the market. 

Your portfolio should be diversified enough to withstand any major price change regardless of the asset type. If the crypto market goes bearish, stocks, bonds, and other investments should protect the portfolio’s value. 

What’s your investment choice between stocks and cryptocurrencies?

In a world where investments have become imperious for saving up for the future, the choice between so many types of assets has become difficult. Stocks, for example, are some of the most renowned kinds of investments, while cryptocurrencies are one of the latest developments in technology, which can bring investors money with the right strategy and enough knowledge.