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BESTSEA: OEM&ODM eyewear manufacturer for high-end eyewear brand


Bestsea eyewear was established in 2005, is a professional OEM and ODM eyewear manufacturer in China. The factory has 150 workers, 2500 ㎡ workshop, 17 years experience, ISO, ISCC, CE and FDA certificated. Our advantage products are Acetate eyewear,Metal eyewear,Titanium eyewear,Aluminium eyewear, Buffalo horn eyewear and Other material eyewear frames.We mainly provide OEM and ODM service for Europe,US,Australia and Japan high-end brands.

Our Strengths and Capabilities.

  1. We only use high-quality materials. Because we firmly believe that good materials are the basic guarantee for the quality of production. MAZZUCCHELLI acetate, Comotec or OBE hinges, Carl Zeiss or MAZZUCCHELLI lenses are mainly used. We can also use materials according to customer requirements.
  2. Quality control. ISO9001:2015 Certification. We mainly produce eyewear for high-end eyewear brands in Europe, the United States, Australia and Japan. Our customers are crazy about the polishing, lines and other details of our glasses. They said the glasses we made looked very high-end.
  3. Technical advantages: We are always working on studying technology of glasses for better quality.

To achieve a better effect, many of our processes are different from those of other factories. For example:

  1. Rivet plating process. Plating colors are always used on Rivets for acetate frame or other metal accessories , such as 24K plating, gun color or other colors. The whole piece of glasses looks very coordinate and high-end. Most factories can only make silver rivets, or use brass color instead of gold, which is not only different from the plating color of other accessories, but also easy to oxidize and blacken. Because they cannot overcome the problem of discoloration of plating rivets during assembly and polishing. Our craftsmanship is superb , and many of our customers like it very much. They say it makes the product look more high-end.
  2. Use manual titanium welding. In order to reduce the cost, many factories use laser welding in the process of titanium frame welding. However, most of our products use manual titanium welding, which makes welding tin more clean and looks more high-end.
  3. Pay attention to every detail of the product. For example, for metal and acetate frame, in order to reduce the assembly cost, most factories will make the acetate rim with a gap on the area of the combination of endpiece and acetate rim, and there is an obvious gap around inner rim lock as well, which looks very ugly. And we will add some special processes, without gaps in the front, which will make the frame looks more beautiful and maintain the integrity of the design. As attached.
  4. Production standardization. For titanium and metal frames, molds are the basis of manufacturing. They determine the superiority of product appearance, quality, performance, and even productivity. We not only take good material for mold, but also pay extra attention to the cleanness and smoothness for accessory molds, because once it’s produced, these places can’t be polished. Besides, we also make testing mold for each model, it will help to check if every frame is produced standard, which can promise lenses and temples are exchangeable for every batch.
  5. Personal Design. As a ShenZhen eyewear factory, Leader of China high quality eyewear and sunglasses with more than 10 years experienced independent design team, Providing one-shop customized service.Our eyewear design team is committed to breaking tradition and perfectly integrating technology and fashion. When designing eyewear products, we not only need to show the combination of brand style and fashion of different customers, but also carefully plan and think about each eyewear design to meet consumers’ needs for comfort, durability and aesthetics. We constantly explore new design concepts and technologies to lead the trend in the eyewear industry.

In order to start our cooperation, the first step is to review some samples to get the first impression. We are 100% sure you will like it.Visit the Bestsea Eyewear official website to learn more about our products and services. Connect with us today to explore how we can collaborate to create exceptional eyewear that meets your brand’s needs.