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Best VPS Hosting Netherlands Plans With Dedicated IP


You need a dedicated IP for your website that VPS hosting is a great choice. The dedicated IP is your website address that is used to access your website. Our virtual private servers are well equipped with RAID (to ensure data safety) and fully managed (to sustain 99.99% uptime) in France. Dedicated IP features come with add-ons that are provided by web hosting. For the secured website, you need a strong IP address.

Dedicated IP is the most crucial element that stands out among the VPS hosting plans in the Netherlands. The cheapest VPS hosting plans in the Netherlands are provided by DomainRacer or DedicatedCore they have dedicated IP features that are important for your website. They also provide strong IP addresses for their customer which makes your website more secure.

Many of you may think that dedicated IP is important for VPS hosting or not. That is what we’re going to see in this article that is why is a dedicated IP feature important in VPS hosting plans in the Netherlands?

Dedicated IP:

Dedicated IPs are given to your website which are the unique IP addresses only used for your device that are not shared by any other users. For sites that require a potent NVMe SSD dedicated server host with complete admin access buy an inexpensive hosting provider for bharat locality. This means that once you are assigned with dedicated IP that same IP can be given to other users.

IP Address:

IP address is the same as your phone number like every person has different phone numbers to dedicate them. A series of unique numbers that are assigned to you as IP addresses that are dedicated to your website or device connected to the network.

In the same way, IP addresses given to every user are different. This also means every user has a unique IP address to identify their website that is on the same devices on the internet.

There are mainly two types of IP addresses used for hosting they are IP4 and IP5 let’s list some of the differences. You can have the cheapest VPS hosting in the Netherlands with a strong IP address from DedicatedCore.

IPV4  can be referred to as the numeric address which consists of four sets of numbers separated by periods, can support more than a billion different addresses and it uses 32-bit addresses for it. By creating more websites you need more space with a large address.

The IPv6 uses the number with the alphabet which means it uses hexadecimal digits that can be separated by colons. The space used by IPv6 is 128 bit-address you can say that it offers 1028 times more addresses than IPv4. It completes the need for large IP address space.

Domain name system (DNS) is used for translating and mapping domain mane into their assigned IP addresses. For the DNS and IP address, you can get low-cost VPS hosting in the Netherlands by DomainRacer.  It means the IP address is part of DNS so that the user can simply type the website instead of the numeric or hexadecimal numbers.


Dedicated IP Addresses in VPS hosting in the Netherlands:

With the IP address, you are getting your own private pace on the internet. If you need dedicated IP in VPS hosting in the Netherlands then can go with either DedicatedCore or DomainRacer they provide the most reliable servers. These are some of the best dedicated IP features important in VPS hosting plans in the Netherlands.

1. Reliability:

Having a dedicated IP address means you have your place that is used only for your website on the internet. If you are using shared hosting then it can cause issues on your website so you need a VPS Hosting plan in the Netherlands for a more reliable server.

With the VPS hosting plan in the Netherlands, you can have your consistent digital address on your virtual server. It makes your website accessible and allows visitors in without any outside interference.

2. Better for Business:

For your business to run smoothly with interference from other users you need a VPS hosting plan with the dedicated IP. That will keep all your sensitive data and transactions of data secure within a dedicated IP address. The dedicated IP in VPS hosting provides a reliable and secure connection for your customer.

3. Improved Email Deliverability:

The dedicated IP that VPS hosting provides enhances the chance of your email reaching the receiver’s inbox without getting stuck in the spam folder. The DomainRacer provides the cheapest VPS hosting in the Netherlands with a dedicated IP for improving your email.

They also provide email spam protection to protect your email. It is like you are sending mail from your mailbox instead of a communal one.

4. Enhanced Security:

VPS hosting in the Netherlands plans have Dedicated IPs that are more secure because of its separate virtual resources. For the security of dedicated IP, the best VPS hosting provider is DedicatedCore they have security features like DDoS protection, firewall protection, etc. Dedicated IP in VPS hosting reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your website.

5. Search Engine Ranking:

You can website can reputation depends upon your IP address while search engine ranking. With the dedicated IP VPS hosting you can’t get influenced by others or harm your website reputation.

6. Customization:

The customization and control of your server becomes easier with VPS hosting in the Netherlands for a dedicated IP address. That means the VPS hosting provider will give you direct control of the virtual server and adjust it to your website requirements without the cPanel interface.

The best VPS hosting provided by DedicatedCore will give you full access to your server so that you can configure your server as needed.

Dedicated IP is important in VPS hosting in the Netherlands:

These are some dedicated IP features that are important in VPS hosting in the Netherlands are listed below. The VPS hosting offers the flexibility and control that is needed for your website and application with a dedicated IP.

You can regularly access your website with the dedicated IP address that is provided by VPS hosting. You edit and view your website without any domain name through FTP. You can establish your email reputation without getting affected by another domain name.

Dedicated IP with low-cost VPS hosting in the Netherlands is provided by DedicatedCore and DomainRacer with features like reliability, security, control, server uptime, etc. VPS hosting in the Netherlands with dedicated IP improves the performance and user experience and reduces the site loading time.


There are several important features of dedicated IP in VPS hosting in the Netherlands so let’s see them. The dedicated IP in VPS hosting provides a special spot on the internet for your website.

There are several providers out there but these are the top VPS hosting providers in Netherlands DedicatedCore and DomainRacer.  Come with a dedicated IP address so that you can make your online presence stronger.

With the dedicated IP in VPS hosting in the Netherlands, you can get features like reliability, robust security, and better email deliverability. You also have more control and customization options for your website.