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An Insight Into Home Appraisal and Home Inspection


Most of the time, homeowners confuse home appraisals with home inspections. If you’re also one of those, then to your surprise, both of them are utterly different. A home inspection evaluates the home’s different factors, determining its condition. Whereas, a home appraisal determines the home’s value, considering different factors. But this doesn’t change the fact that both of them are extremely important in your home-buying process.

In this blog, we will provide more in-depth insights into both of these processes and their differences.

Let’s first get an overview of home inspection.

What Is A Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a process that examines the condition and safety of a property. Most of the time, home inspections take place when the property is being sold.

During an inspection, the inspector assesses the property’s different areas, including:

  • HVAC system
  • Water and sewage system
  • Plumbing system
  • Electrical system
  • Fire and safety hazard

Besides this, the inspector also checks for any evidence of water damage, pest infestation, fire damage, or any other issues that might affect the property’s value.

How Does A Home Inspection Work?

During a real estate transaction, potential buyers schedule their inspection process with the home inspector. The inspector then visits the property, identifying the issues and hazards. Later, they document a report that highlights the property’s condition, including any recommended or necessary repairs. They might also jot down any maintenance concerns they found during the process. And, of course, the report also includes any hazardous or costly issues that the buyer must consider before buying the property.

What Happens During A Home Inspection?

When conducting the inspection, the inspector evaluates the home’s physical structure, which goes from the foundation to the roof and then the home’s systems. The comprehensive home inspection process then determines whether the home adheres to the current housing codes and regulations. Basically, the inspector evaluates whether buying the home will be a decision free of potential financial and legal troubles.

Benefits of Home Inspections for Buyers And Sellers

With a home inspection in place, buyers can know a lot about whatever property they intend to buy. Even if they’re choosing to buy a newly constructed home, a home inspection can work as a blessing in disguise for them.

But, home inspections aren’t for buyers only. A seller can also schedule an inspection before enlisting their home on the market. This gives them a chance to make necessary repairs and update their property to its best condition – increasing the likelihood of securing the desired homebuyer and deal.

When Is A Home Inspection Scheduled?

Typically, a home inspection in Jacksonville, FL is scheduled after signing off the purchase agreement between the homebuyer and seller. And this is why it is very important that your agreement has the home inspection contingency clause in it. This is also known as due diligence contingency. With this addition, as a buyer, you get the time to schedule an inspection and get the inspection report. Depending on the inspection’s findings you can then decide whether you want to move forward with the deal or you want to back off.

What Does A Home Inspection Report Include?

A home inspection report is a very comprehensive document. It includes everything from major issues to minor cosmetic ones. With the home inspection in hand, you can make your further decision; you can choose any one of the following options:

  • Proceeding with the sale
  • Schedule additional inspections
  • Renegotiate the sale price with the seller
  • Ask the seller to make certain repairs that are to be paid by them
  • Cancel the contract and back off the deal

Furthermore, if major repairs need to be made, you can also ask for a re-inspection with the first home inspector. This will help you verify that the repairs have been made and that the original problem has been taken care of.

Additionally, you can also conduct more specialized inspections to get a better understanding of the home’s condition; these inspections may be conducted to identify the following problems:

  • Asbestos
  • Mold or mildew
  • Termites
  • Pests
  • Radon
  • Lead
  • Checking sewer lines, structural components, or chimneys

Note that additional inspections come with additional fees (of course).

Home Inspection Vs. Home Appraisal

A home inspection and a home appraisal are two different concepts and processes; they should not be confused together. You have already gotten an idea about what home inspection is. Now, it’s time to discuss home appraisal. It is a process that is intended to determine the property’s current value in the market.

A home inspection and an appraisal are equally important steps in a typical home sale, but both of these are performed for two distinctive reasons.

With a home inspection, a buyer acknowledges the true condition and the safety of the home they’re about to buy. An appraisal comes as a requirement by the lender when you have applied for a mortgage to buy a home.

An appraisal surely affects the amount you can borrow to buy the desired home. This is usually done behind closed doors and without the buyer’s presence. Additionally, during an appraisal, the appraiser uses different valuation methods, including comparable home prices, the home’s quality and size, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You “Need” A Home Inspection?

Getting a home inspection is not every homebuyer’s or seller’s need but it definitely is recommended. Since with a home inspection in Jacksonville, you get to know about what you’re stepping in; it could be highly beneficial for you to schedule one before the purchase. This way, you will get professional insights into the home’s safety and condition.

What Happens When a Home Inspector Finds Something Wrong?

If the home inspector documents something that might put your and your property’s safety at stake, then you can decide to make informed decisions. You can either choose not to proceed with the purchase, ask the homeowner to make repairs before you finalize the deal, or you can also renegotiate the sale price. Or if the inspector highlights something that’s just minor and you think it won’t affect your life or safety, then you can choose to move forward with the purchase.

How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost?

The cost of a home inspection varies. The varying factors could be the size, location, and age of the property. But, just to give you an estimate, the home inspection cost lies between $200 and $500.


Home inspections and home appraisals are two different processes, but they can benefit you in two different ways. Even though the home inspection is an optional process scheduling one won’t make you regret your decision ever. In fact, the cost of a home inspection is very inexpensive compared to your home’s overall cost.

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