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A Gift That Keeps on Giving


March 20, 2021 – Flowers are a great gift for just about any occasion. In fact, many people consider flowers the most beautiful gifts of nature. Everyone appreciates their beauty. However, flowers don’t last forever. In fact, many fresh cut flowers begin to wilt after a few days.

While a bouquet of fresh blooms is refreshing and invigorating, wilting flowers are sad and often reminiscent of the end of an era. No one wants their gift of flowers to evoke emotions of sadness. Fortunately, preserved flowers offer a great way to ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of freshly cut flowers for longer.

Melrose Flowers, one of the best flower shops NYC offers, is well known for its preserved flowers. The store offers real flowers that are preserved to make them last for longer. Unlike artificial flowers, preserved flowers retain all the characteristics of freshly cut flowers. They continue to smell great and have soft and supple petals. Melrose Flowers provides you with the benefit of being able to enjoy their beauty for up to three years.

Don’t have a vase to display the flowers? You don’t need one. Melrose Flowers offer customers a wide variety of attractive containers. The containers range from clear glass domes and acrylic boxes to chic shoe boxes. The shoe boxes are handmade and feature high-quality craftsmanship. They offer the perfect vessel to display your flowers in. Your loved one will appreciate this unique element.

Your loved one will also appreciate the fact that your gift doesn’t require a lot of care to maintain that fresh look. Unlike fresh cut flowers, preserved flowers don’t require frequent changes in water or trimming to maintain their fresh look. They can be displayed in their containers as they are received for several months without needing anything. You simply need to keep them away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Melrose Flowers offers a wide variety of preserved flowers. You can get roses in a wide variety of colors. Some of the rose color palettes available from the store are quite amazing such as the rainbow petal rose. This stunning rose is sure to grab attention wherever it is displayed. You can also get roses in other unique colors such as black, gold and tiffany blue. The flower shop also features roses in unique shapes such as heart shaped blooms.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a loved one, visit the Melrose Flower online store to place your order. Choose from the wide variety of available blooms or have a custom floral arrangement prepared for your loved one. Melrose Flowers offers same-day rose delivery NYC services. You can also have your blooms delivered to loved ones in other parts of the country and ensure they receive beautifully preserved flowers that they can enjoy for many months to come.

Flowers truly are the best gift for any occasion and Melrose Flowers’ preserved blooms ensure that your loved one can continue to enjoy your gift for a long time.