With the Coronavirus Pandemic showing no signs of exhausting, digital is the only solution for a brand’s communication endeavours. Several ways of physical marketing and on-ground activations have been rendered impossible during such times, and even the largest of organizations are forced to digitize their strategies. And among the cacophony of content on Digital, the most convenient and easiest to stand out is video.

Video marketing was already gaining momentum when the long drawn pandemic sky-rocketed this progress. However, for newbies to marketing, this space can seem overwhelming. In the initial phase, getting traffic and engagement may seem complicated. But here are some essential tips to ensure those coveted metrics:

  1. Understanding your Content: As a video marketer, it is imperative to decide what you want from the video you wish to make. What is the message you want to convey? What is your brand about? What should the overall theme of the video be? This step includes storyboarding, content writing, and scripting to optimize the content of your video.
  2. The Audience Factor: To share engaging content, it is essential to understand your audience. Create the video keeping the demographics and psychographics of your audience in mind. Further, promote this video on the platform best suited to your target.
  3. Keeping tabs on Competitors: In a crowded and open market, it is always wise to keep track of competitors and stay a step ahead of them, while sticking to ethical means, of course.
  4. Getting down to the Nitty Gritty: The process of creating a relevant and engaging video requires meticulous attention to each scene at every stage (planning, direction, and production). Map out the message of the video in advance and include the necessary call-to-action to avoid last-minute glitches.
  5. Choosing a Video Editor: You could employ a video editor according to your choice of digital platform. A specialised Instagram video editor is bound to work best for Instagram, just as a YouTube editor would provide optimum work YouTube. Editing is a crucial stage in creating a video; make sure to trust someone who can enhance your work.
  6. A Compelling Story: To keep your viewers interested in your brand, you must keep them interested in your ad. The longer they watch your ad, the more likely they are to understand what you stand for and the value that your product might bring to their lives. Follow the basic rules of filmmaking to keep your viewers engaged.
  7. The Ten Second Rule: On video platforms such as YouTube, it is easy for a user to skip the ad after the first few seconds. The first ten seconds of your video must be compelling enough for the viewers to stick around and continue watching.
  8. Call to Action: The basic rules of advertising emphasize the importance of a call to action in your advertisement. Once you’ve introduced your brand to the viewers, told them how it brings value to their lives, enumerated the various selling points, and held their attention, they must know what to do next. Simple call-to-action details include a web address, a social profile, or contact details.
  9. Search Engine Optimisation: In today’s saturated market, merely making a video and uploading it is never enough. You must learn to make the most out of it through search engine optimization. Follow SEO parameters and suggestions to rank higher and gain visibility.
  10. Sharing: While Search Engine Optimisation is essential to garnering views, not much can beat the good old sharing. Share the video on multiple platforms, and if it is truly relevant, it may go viral within a day! Make sure to post your video on platforms your ideal customers are likely to be.

To conclude, creating videos isn’t as complicated as it seems; implementing these tips in your video-marketing strategy can lead to the much-coveted reactions. So, go ahead and start creating your first video!

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