7Newswire’s Content Guidelines for Clients

Writing a press release is not a simple as it may sound. It takes years of professional writing experience and journalism knowledge to write an effective press release. A press release is your company’s official word in the market and would highly influence your public image and standing in front of your audience. When writing a press release, you can either hire a professional writing agency or write it yourself and hire press release distribution services, as offered by 7Newswire.

7Newswire aims to offer dedicated and professional press release editorial and distribution services. The business is keen on maintaining its standards and promotes a positive notion in the market, which is why it is governed by content guidelines. Here are a few content guidelines you should follow before submitting your press release to 7Newswire for distribution. 7Newswire does not publish articles that reflect the following categories:

  • CryptoCurrency
  • Inappropriate use of language
  • Politics
  • Gambling
  • Weapons and Explosives
  • Illicit Drugs, Tobacco, and Alcohol
  • Cosmetic procedures and body modification
  • Adult Dating and Sex
  • Sexual Reproductive Health

The reason behind not publishing articles on the niches mentioned above is that 7Newswire is a press release distribution company that aims to improve the outlook of business by publishing and distributing its business on the right channels. The company is fixated on improving business prospects by offering comprehensive press release distribution and guest posting services. Guest posting is one of the most effective strategies to increase organic traffic to your website for conversions. SEO optimized articles and guest posts improve your search engine ranking, which helps in deriving organic traffic to your website.

At 7Newswire, we help our clients improve their digital marketing strategy. Our marketing team ensures that your posts and articles reach wider audiences and the right target market that ultimately contributes to increasing your revenue. Companies constantly struggle with finding guest posting websites and finding the right audience for their content. At 7NewsWire, we help you solve both effortlessly. Here is how we help:

Guest Posting Websites

7Newswire has access to a plethora of websites that promote guest posting. Once you avail of our services, you no longer need to search for guest posting websites, as we already have a pool of credible and trustworthy guest posting websites available. Once we post your articles, we offer you a detailed report with live working links for your verification. Moreover, certain articles attract comments and reviews, which can offer valuable insights about what your customers or target readers think about your business, products, or services.

Finding the right audience

While there may be several guest posting websites available, you need to ensure that you can find the right target audience to maximize the efficiency of your post. Since certain websites specialize in certain content, they attract a similar niche of readers. For example, if you post a tech article on a fashion website, you are likely to receive very little response from traffic for the post. With 7Newwire, we ensure that your guest posts are published in front of the right audience to maximize results and traffic.


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