A press release is an important activity for any business, as it introduces the business to the media and highlights a special message i.e. launch of a new product, service, project, etc. A press release needs to be refined and professional to avoid any negative outlook for the company, which is why it is imperative to review a press release in-depth before launch. Apart from that, a press release needs to contain certain components to ensure it is effective and gives out a clear message to its audience. One of the biggest constraints for businesses is the lack of professional media personnel who can adequately craft and launch a press release. Even if you are able to create a press release that meets the basic requirements, you need to publish it on the right sources to widen your target reach.

In most cases, businesses would struggle with such activities and may often fall victim to poor publishing methodologies. This is where 7Newswire comes in, a premium Press Release editorial and publishing service with one objective in mind; the finest communication solution for the corporate industry. 7Newswire is a budget-friendly and professional services company that offers comprehensive press release management and distribution services. The company specializes in editing and distributing press releases to the right sources for maximum visibility and exposure.

About our Editors

7Newswire has a team of professional journalists and editors to improve the quality of your press release. Our editors follow a strict editorial practice to ensure all the press releases are up to the mark, professional, and meet international standards for the press releases. We use a range of tactics to ensure that your press release content is professional, standardized, and neatly formatted. Our editors follow strict guidelines while reviewing your press release and ensure top-notch quality before publishing.

Our distribution and Publishing Services

Apart from superior editorial services, 7Newswire helps you widen your reach and audience by ensuring your press release is published on a range of platforms to attract maximum visibility. We are a professional company with access to various publishing websites and portals, which ensures that you get the visibility and reach you deserve. Our objective is to offer you the best communications platform and services under one roof, which is why we continually explore new and better publishing platforms to ensure you get the best results possible.

Our Analytics and Post Distribution Services

7Newswire is a one window solution for your press release and corporate communications. One of our unique features is our post-distribution analytics, which is one of the reasons why our clients love our services. We provide a detailed report of our media distribution along with traceable links for all our PR services. Our report contains details about all the publishers that have published your press release with live website links for reviewing and confirmation purposes.

Contact Information:

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