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Why Press Releases Are Important For Your Business?


Most people are not aware of the importance of press releases. A press release is an announcement that a company gives to the journalists, media, and public about their business. Press releases can be used for many things such as announcing new products or services, upcoming events, promoting specific campaigns or offers, thanking customers for their support etc.

Press releases are very important because they help you with search engine optimization by giving your website more exposure on Google searches which in turn increases traffic to your site. Moreover, they also allow you to build relationships with other bloggers who will share your content with their followers on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. All-in-all it is important for any business that wants visibility online to use press releases as part of its marketing

Here are the main key features Why Press Releases Are Important For Your Business?


Do you want your business to be in the press?


Do you want your business to be in the press


Press releases are a great way to get your business in front of media. When you send out regular press releases, they will be more likely to cover what you do.

There is no need for an introduction; just tell them why they should care about what’s happening with your company right now! A good idea would be sending one after launching a new product or service.

“It’s important for businesses to have their name up there,” said Cristina Henriquez from Business Matters, “You want people talking about what you’re doing as much as possible.”

The first step when putting together a story is coming up with a headline that draws attention and gives journalists a reason n to cover the story. Make sure that it isn’t confusing or misleading; if your headline is too sensationalist, then journalists may ignore it!

Press releases can be used as a marketing tool


Press releases can be used as a marketing tool

Press releases are a great way to get your company’s message out there and let people know about what you’re doing. This blog post will talk about how press releases can be used as a marketing tool, giving you some ideas on how to make them work for your business.

Press releases can help you reach new customers


Press releases can help you reach new customers


It’s true that press releases can be a powerful marketing tool. If you want to reach new customers, it’s worth considering how this might work for your company.  Here are some ways that your press release could help you with reaching new customers:  – You can get in front of news outlets and journalists when there is breaking news about the industry or topic related to your business.  – It is an opportunity to demonstrate expertise on the topic in question, which may lead people who read the article to call out for more information or request a meeting with you.  – News stories often have high social media engagement rates, so if you include links within the press release they will also drive traffic back towards your site.

How to distribute your press release for the best results? (distribution)


How to distribute your press release for the best results

There are many ways to distribute your press release for the best results. 7Newswire is the best choice when it comes time to distribute your press release. Here are two key reasons why our services stand out from the rest of the pack:

  1. A) We offer both Global and United state distribution options so there’s something for everyone when it comes time to publish a press release.
  2. B) Our team has experience working directly with media outlets including FOX, CBS and NBC and many others.
    C) Has a wide range of distribution that covers all important aspects of today’s digital world.
    D) Cost-effectiveness is another key factor of considering 7Newswire press release distribution service.
    F) No contracts are put in place, one can publish press release without bounding himself for a long-term commitment.
    E) Social Media campaigns are another stand-out feature that 7Newswire offers, as it is an era of social media so a press release but take its chunk of traffic from there. Facebook and Google ad campaigns are offered with press releases with a guaranteed number of impressions. Visit to see the packages.

Who should be contacted with the press release?


Who should be contacted with the press release

The release of a new product is an exciting time for the company, but it can also be difficult to know who should be contacted with the press release. There are many people and organizations that will want to hear about this news and there’s no way you could email them all. Most preferred is that the contact information of the CEO and the President should be part of the press release.


A press release is a great way to get going with a new product or service launch. Press releases are also an excellent marketing tool, and they help you reach new customers while building credibility for your company. To distribute your press release effectively, make sure that it is sent to all relevant contacts–including journalists who cover similar topics or businesses with whom you have connections.

You should also include links to any content that supports the announcement within the body of the email so reporters will know where to find more information on your topic if needed.  Here at Digital Marketing Depot, we offer PR distribution services as well as other digital marketing solutions which may interest you! Contact us today about how our team can help take care of everything from writing blog posts like


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