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What mistakes should not be made when writing a resume


Anyone looking for a job as a nanny needs to be able to write a resume competently. To declare yourself and demonstrate your skills it is better, of course, in the process of work, but how to get an invitation to an interview if a potential employer chooses a candidate from hundreds or even thousands of applicants? How to write a resume correctly, know here, https://resumegets.com/babysitter.

How to write a resume for a nanny—the person who is trusted with the dearest things

When applying for a nanny position, you need to clearly understand – experience and age play a fundamental role for the employer, so the resume should be based on these main points.

  • First and foremost, it should include:
  • Name and surname and attach a photo;
  • Contact information (phone, e-mail address);
  • marital status, whether you have children of your own and how many of them;
  • year of birth.

The next block is education. It contains information about secondary and higher education. It is good if higher education is sociological, medical or pedagogical. The employer is more likely to give preference to such a candidate. In any case, the presence and any other education – a huge plus, because it happens that applicants for the position of nanny and does not have any.

Immediately after the block of education follows a section with information about work experience. It should start with the last place of work and move in chronological order.

  • In addition to the place of work, the resume should also indicate:
  • the length of time working at each place;
  • The number of children the candidate has looked after and their ages;main responsibilities, such as picking up from school/preschool, taking them to extra classes, doing homework, playing games, reading books, developing the child in every way,
  • going for walks and to amusement parks;
  • Achievements at work: to expand the range of responsibilities.

Experience and functional responsibilities of the candidate play a decisive role for the employer in the choice, so in the resume this block should be outlined in maximum detail.

The penultimate section of the resume – personal characteristics, it includes:

  • proficiency in foreign languages;
  • level of computer literacy;
  • hobbies and interests;

Certificates of passing all sorts of courses, training programs;

Personal qualities that can help in the work (of course, too praise yourself is not necessary, enough to mention the non-conflict and stress resistance).

And at the end of your resume you should add letters of recommendation from previous employers. If you do not have them, be sure to ask for such recommendations from former employers, because they are the trump card, which can be decisive in favor of your candidacy.

What mistakes should not be made when writing a resume

Resume housekeeper and nanny should not be creative, pretentious, bright and colorful, on the contrary, the most valuable, effective and selling it will be if the form of presentation choose the business. Of course, skills and abilities are best tested at work, and the employer and the candidate may not match, but the first stage of selection – is the resume, so the mistakes in its preparation may cost the candidate a job.

Not specified age. Women over 50 are much harder to find work even as a housekeeper or nanny, so it is better to specify the age honestly. Of course, at any age you can have a good physical shape, but for many employers the age factor will still play an important role.

Attached medical certificates. Such information is very personal and given to the employer only upon request, otherwise he will consider that you have passed a medical examination on purpose and maybe you even have something to hide.

Your resume is too short. If you have nothing to say about yourself, then this fact may make a potential employer suspicious. One or two pages of information, filed in blocks, is enough to get you noticed.

The resume is not tailored to the position. If you send a resume for a nanny position and state that you have worked as a financier, an advertising executive, or an actor, an employer will not be impressed. If you have no experience as a nanny, you could include, for example, participating in volunteer projects, assisting a counselor at a children’s camp, working in sociology, and any other experience that might be helpful.

If the above-mentioned mistakes are taken into account, the resume is broken down into blocks, you can present all your strengths and skills to turn the lack of experience into potential – it will be very easy to get an invitation to an interview, and the next step is to make a positive impression at the interview. We sincerely wish you the best of luck in your employment!