What are seasonal logos, and why should you have one


Have you noticed any changes in the Google logo during holidays? Or have you seen Starbucks changing the color of its coffee cups during holidays? That’s called a seasonal branding makeover. It doesn’t matter whether you own an online shop or run a brick-and-mortar shop; tweaking your logo to fit a particular season is a key to building loyalty, boosting sales, and strengthening your brand identity.

But before we kick off seasonal branding, let’s understand what a seasonal logo is.

Almost everyone loves holidays. They love showing the festive cheer by decking up their offices or houses. The same goes for people like you who run a business. A seasonal logo is modifying your original logo slightly. It allows you to use your existing branding in line with the holiday season without bringing a drastic change to your overall campaign.

Remember, a seasonal logo doesn’t mean redoing your branding. It’s about maintaining your core branding with a touch of seasonality. Once it is over, you can switch back to your original logo design. You can use a logo creator online for seasonal logo creation or hire a designer. 

But before you do so, let’s see what seasonal logos you can design and when you can create them. 

4th of July

Fourth of July or America’s Independence Day is the perfect occasion to show your brand’s patriotic side. Many brands celebrate this significant day by adding the touch of blue, white, and red colors. Sometimes they add a star to signify this day as well.

So, if you’re eyeing the 4th of July marketing campaign, add this idea to your logo design


Come October, and spookiness covers up the whole environment. You can give your target audience something special to revel in the Halloween spirit. One way to do so is to modify your logo’s icon. Choose a relevant icon keeping the existing visual aspects of your logo in mind. Or take inspiration from brands such as Mars, Coca-Cola, Nike, Starbucks, etc. Observe how these brands have changed their logos slightly or altered the color scheme to match the Halloween theme. 


Thanksgiving is the perfect time when everyone loves to get into the season-appropriate colors. To fit the mood, you can add a touch of brown, yellow, orange, or other fall colors to your logo. Adding the foliage of the fall will also help you bring the essence of thanksgiving to your brandmark. 


Christmas is the most awaited celebration around which you can revamp or design your logo. It will help keep your business season-appropriate and bring joy to your customers. You can add a sprinkle of snowflakes, white, red, and green colors to your logo to reflect the spirit of Christmas. 

Brands that keep on experimenting with such elements are Levi’s, Unilever, Audi, Red Bull, and more.

New Year 

Ringing in the New Year is profitable for every brand if it knows how to capture the spirit effectively. Add a bit of gleam and glam to your logo if you want to do so. Make the logo design so appealing that it reaches your target audience. Don’t forget to catch the audience’s attention with a pop of colors. 

St. Patrick’s Day

You can also tweak your logo around Saint Patrick’s Day to be a part of the commemoration. As the day visually showcases the color green, you can add a hint of the same color palette to your logo and other branding materials. 

Benefits and perks of using a seasonal logo 

As you know all about seasonal logos, it’s time to understand how they can help you grab attention and take your business to the next level. 

Seasonal logos make you stand out 

Your business isn’t alone in the market. There may be thousands of other companies out there like yours in your niche market. So, it becomes inevitable for your business to stand out. Even small changes that make you stand out from the crowd can put your business ahead of your competitors. Seasonal branding helps you differentiate your business from others and let people take notice of your brand.

If you don’t adapt t seasonal marketing, you may miss out on potential sales and customers. 

It lets you promote your seasonal campaigns

Changing your logo to suit the season boosts people’s interest in your seasonal campaigns. For example, suppose you have seasonal cinnamon scented candles, or you provide seasonal services like Christmas tree making, pumpkin carving classes, and more. In such scenarios, designing a holiday logo will attract the attention of your target audience.

For example, if you offer makeup products, you can release colors appropriate for the holiday seasons like Christmas, 4th of July, etc. Likewise, you can integrate a summer theme into your logo to promote summer-only sales and more. 

No matter what you offer or which industry your business is in, bringing the holiday vibes to your logo will work in your favor. 

It helps you build an emotional bond with your audience 

Do you know 90% of buying decisions are influenced by unconscious urges such as emotion? Come Valentine’s Day, and we all get into warm, exciting feelings. The same is true with National Donut Day, on which we start feeling insatiable hunger pangs. Shops and stores leverage these feelings by bringing the same things in front of our eyes to stir our emotions.

You can also form an emotional connection with your audience by tapping into these emotions. One of the best ways to do this is to introduce seasonal logos. Also, engage with your existing and potential customers to leverage it. Once you succeed in tapping into their emotions, it becomes easier for them to remember your brand and turn towards your business. 

It also compels them to make a purchase that they might not have thought of. 


Now you know what seasonal branding is and how it can benefit your business. Bring changes to your logo according to the season and capture the attention of your target audience. Follow the tips stated earlier to update the design of your logo and make the most of a particular season.  

Don’t forget to use a logo creator online to save money and simplify your task.