Be Aware Of the Crimes around You


Crime is indeed a social problem, and it produces material consequences producing social and personal harm. For more than a century, police departments and news organizations have worked together to disseminate photos of people after their arrest, often bleary-eyed and despondent, sometimes defiant and smiling. It’s a practice as old as the mug shot itself: publicizing an unflattering close-up of a person’s face and profile, taken at one of the worst possible moments. 

America is welcoming a digital world where having the latest technology is a sign of affluence and sophistication, receiving local and world news from a newspaper, both digital and print, is still a common practice. . In fact, 88 percent of Americans report that they receive their news directly from a news organization; this can include a newspaper, TV newscast, website, or newswire. These findings reinforce the importance of the media to the American people and why getting up-to-date, accurate information is crucial.

Crime stories have become an intrinsic component of modern media. Research indicates that stories pertaining to crime can account for up to 50% of news coverage

A “mugshot” is a judicial photograph that is taken upon arrest of a criminal suspect; typically the person is facing the camera and may be seen wearing department of corrections issued clothing, however it is not always clear depending on the dimensions of the photo. The current mugshot identification system, attributed to a 19th Century French photographer, consists of a series of photos measuring head and arm length, as well as various angles of the face. Previously, mugshots typically remained in police files

The mug shot system used in police departments around the world, in which a person who has been arrested is photographed face forward and in profile was invented in the 1880s by Alphonse Bertillon, a French police officer, Professor Fleetwood said. As technology improved in the 20th century, the images were used more frequently in magazines and newspapers that before had relied on artists to engrave photos available at police stations. The mugshots record the booking, they do not tell the story of whether someone was innocent or guilty

Pasco County Mugshots are the source of information for their locals to have self-awareness. They also claim that all are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The individuals depicted have been arrested/recommitted but not convicted at the time of this posting. For latest case status, contact the official law enforcement agency which originally released the data. They are obliged not to give any further information and statistics other than the law enforcement data.

However, if the arrested person is proved not guilty, then it is best tried to remove the mugshot of the individual from the website immediately. A majority of previous research on mugshots has been related to eyewitness testimony used in convictions for participation in a crime. Police department arrest logs are public records under the Freedom of Information Act as are court records. And so long as they are not illegal, major search engines, like Google, are not obligated to shut down what some consider extorting sites. These are the images that are displayed to the, where people could visit police stations and look at photos of people who had been arrested for various crimes

Pasco County arrests are the community source of information for local crimes, new arrest information, mugshots & more. In this way, they are building awareness among the local people by community engagement. This is the indispensable and key step in empowering the community.

Pasco County Arrests take full responsibility that they do not charge or consider any person of the crimes. The mugshots and the news published are only taken from the law enforcement agencies and the related departments.