Is a digital marketing certificate being worth it in 2022?


While we were already living in the digital age, the past few years have pushed forward digital evolution remarkably. Technologies like automation and A.I. which felt straight out of sci-fi movies are now part of our everyday life.

Any business that wants to be relevant in the current times cannot survive for long without a strong online presence. In such circumstances, pursuing a UCW digital marketing certificate might actually be your ticket to a fabulous career ahead.

Every brand or business is seeking to have a robust online presence and is willing to hire a skilled professional who can help them achieve the required goal. Hence, investing in a certificate course in digital can be highly beneficial for your career. There are numerous reasons as to why this field is a great choice in terms of pursuing a career. Below shared are some of those reasons:

High demand 

Numerous job options are a basic requisite for any path and digital does not disappoint. As per marketing hiring trends, there is a surge in the requirement for digital marketers in the past few years.

As more and more companies are continuously looking for trained professionals who have the necessary skills in this field, the demand for digital marketers will continue to rise.

This means that after completing the certificate program, you don’t have to hunt too long for the right job. Rather, you will have many opportunities that you can explore.

Be your own boss 

As a digital marketer, you have many options that you can look into, and being a freelancer is one of them. Instead of working full-time for a company, you can choose to work with different clients and selectively take up projects.

Since every business requires a digital marketer, you will find that the market is full of various businesses- both established and emerging who are willing to hire freelancers to get the job done well.

Moreover, if you have entrepreneurial dreams and are looking to set up your own business then your expertise in digital will be an added asset. It will help give your work the required visibility and also be useful in generating good leads.

Variety of job roles 

Digital marketing is a vast field in itself and offers different job roles that one can pursue as per their expertise and preference. This means that you can be an SEO expert or even be a content developer. If you are interested in social media then you can work as a social media expert or manager.

Given how all these job roles are interconnected, it’s useful to have some knowledge of each vertical while you can still choose to pursue a specific job role.

Good pay 

Another advantage of pursuing a career in a prominent field that is highly in demand is that you are paid really well for your expertise. Good financial remuneration is part of the package if you are pursuing a career in digital and is certainly among the most lucrative factor of this sector.